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Custom Design

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Custom Design Solutions

  • Rapid Prototype Wax Modeling
  • Cad-Cam
  • Wax Build or 3D Printing from CAD file
  • Finishing & Setting

We utilize the ArtCAM JewelSmith Solution in our computer design.  This process starts with your imagination and our expertise in jewelry design.  Together we determine the concept that we draw on a paper.  Next we go to the computer and make the model in three dimensions.  You will actually see what the finished model will look like!

Once you approve the model, we mill or grow the model in special wax or resin.  It will look exactly like the finished piece of jewelry that we are making only it will be in wax or resin.  Finally we will cast the piece in gold or platinum set stones and professionally finish the jewelry to make it the special one of a kind unique piece of jewelry that you or your customer will be proud of.


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